ISO calls off RPD standards.

October 27, 2014

The plenary meeting ISO TC94/SC15 on Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD) in Bad Kohlgrub on 3 October 2014 resolved to withdraw the draft standards ISO CD 17420-1 & -2 on Respiratory Protective Devices (RPD). The project of developing internationally recognised standards on RPD was initiated at ISO in 2002. The stated intention of this ISO project was to eventually replace the equivalent European EN norms that are currently used for products’ CE marking. 

Previously,Best Replica Watches two draft versions of the standards "CD 17420" were submitted to vote by ISO members. None of these versions was accepted and the technical committee was presently drafting on a third revised version for submission to vote. Due to the high number of comments and divergences among countries, the committee did not have enough time to prepare a third draft within the deadline imposed by the ISO internal regulations. Now, the decision to call off the standards will put an end to the work. 

The withdrawal of a standards-project means that the work of standardisers is aborted. New standards on the same subject can only be worked upon if ISO formally approves a New Work Item Proposal, the so-called "NWIP".

Alberto Spasciani, President of SME Safety and expert in ISO TC94/SC15 commented "We welcome this decision by ISO as it is indeed a good result for SMEs and it corresponds to the position that my association advocated for. There were so many shortcomings in the draft ISO standards that it would be impossible to correct everything in the given time frame. SMEs do not need whatever standards just for the sake of having standards; instead they need good quality standards that they can work with. Bad standards are a catastrophe for SMEs: They increase the costs for manufacturers, confuse the users and slow down the conformity assessment process. Should ISO decide to re-start this standardisation project, SME Safety will contribute and make sure that good standards are delivered." 

The work of expert Alberto Spasciani in the ISO standards committee on behalf of SMEs is supported by Small Business Standards, the organisation of SMEs recognised by the EU Standardisation Regulation 1025/2012 that is co-funded by the European Commission.   

The resolutions of ISO TC94/SC15 also contain the intention to request ISO by July 2015 to reinstate the project on RPD which would be based on a new improved version ("3rd CD") of the standards so far elaborated. If accepted, a new ballot will be requested to the ISO member countries.


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