SBS - Small Business Standards welcomes SME-Safety as new member

December 13, 2013

SME Safety is a new member of SBS - Small Business Standards. 
SBS is the new European Association of SMEs for standardisation that is mandated by the European Commission to represent SMEs' interests in standardisation according to Regulation (EU) No 1025/2012. SBS was constituted in Octiber 2013 as a federation of SME associations, where each member (i.e. SME association) has a responsibility for its own sector. In this respect, SME Safety is a new member of SBS and will be leader in the Safety sector. 
The General Assembly of SBS also decided to nominate Alberto Spasciani and Romano Moscatelli, as proposed by SME-Safety, experts to represent the interests of SMEs the CEN and in the ISO technical committees responsible for standards for respiratory protective devices.

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