SMEs are the backbone of Europe's economy

SME Safety is the European association of SMEs that manufacture safety products

SMEs provide 70% of the private sector jobs in Europe

SMEs contribute to more than 50% of the total value-added created by businesses in the EU

SME Safety promotes SMEs interests in European and international standardisation

SME Safety is a key source of information to its members on the development of standards and legislation in the safety sector

Standards and legislation have to be adapted to the needs of small businesses

Europe is committed to put the real economy and SMEs at the centre of economic policies

About SME Safety

SME Safety is the European association of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that manufacture safety products. SME Safety is an interest group active in the EU policy and standardization debate and promotes the interests of European SMEs in the safety sector.


SME Safety supports the EU-OSHA campaign Health Work Places Manage Stress as an Official Campaign Partner.


SME Safety is a member of SBS - Small Business Standards, the European association of SMEs for standardisation recognised by the EU Regulation No 1025/2012 on European standardisation


Contact SME Safety
Rue du Commerce 123 | 1000, Brussels | Tel +32 289 55 722


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